At Silicon Capital Partners, we specialize in empowering deep tech startups to navigate the complexities of securing vital funding. Our consulting services are tailored to support innovative companies poised to shape tomorrow’s technological landscape. With a keen focus on the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator program, we offer specialized guidance to startups aiming to propel their groundbreaking ideas to the forefront of the industry.


The European Innovation Council Fund from the European Commission is an agnostic Fund: it invests across all technologies and verticals and all EU countries and countries associated with Horizon Europe. It provides the investment component of the EIC Accelerator blended finance.

The EIC Fund aims to fill a critical financing gap, and its primary purpose is to support companies in the development and commercialization of disruptive technologies, bridging with and crowding in market players and further sharing risk by building an extensive network of capital providers and strategic partners suitable for co-investments and follow-on funding.

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